Brain+Body Program

The BrainSavers® Brain+Body Total Fitness Program is the only evidence-based healthy brain aging program for active adults that offers a comprehensive solution for total brain and body health. The BrainSavers scientific team has developed a proprietary program to positively impact memory performance while reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The program is class-based and led by BrainSavers certified instructors. It comprises memory and other cognitive exercises, physical activity, socialization, brain healthy nutritional practices, stress reduction and memory-enhancing sleep habits for a total Brain + Body wellness package.

Every participant in the BrainSavers® Brain + Body Total Fitness Program receives the following benefits:

  • Social activities for interaction and cognitive stimulation
  • Fun and challenging memory and other cognitive exercises
  • Physical exercises, including proprietary cognitive movement activities optimized to strengthen brain & body functions, providing cardiovascular, strength, balance and flexibility benefits
  • Brain healthy nutritional education
  • Stress management and reduction techniques
  • Restorative sleep habits
  • Enjoyable at-home activities based on the World Brain Gym